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✨ Weekly Quarter Programs* ✨

Updated: November 2023   

Grad School Guidance Hour

Meet with our Graduate Student Mentor, Claudia! Claudia is a resource available to you about all things graduate school. She is a first-generation student and scholar. As a Ph.D student in the Anthropology Department, she understands the obstacles that come with navigating higher education as a first-generation college student. Join her during her Grad School Guidance Hour to chat and recieve mentorship on graduate school. Check out Claudia's bio to learn more about her!


Grad App Community Workspace

In addition to her Grad School Guidance Hours, Claudia is also hosting a weekly Grad App Community Workspace. This is a space for students to work on their grad application materials individually or collaboratively. A current Grad Mentor will also be there available for guidance and support. 



Real Talk

Join us every week for Real Talk, a first-gen community space that always includes snacks! This is an informal space for first-gen students to connect with each other and socialize. Both ONDAS and EOP staff members are always in attendance, so it is a great way to get advice or answers to your questions about attending UCSB.