For Faculty and Staff

ONDAS Faculty Seminar

Participants in this year-long seminar and conference will work together to: 

  • conduct research-based, theory-driven investigations of our disciplines and teaching; 
  • adapt or develop new approaches to teaching based on these investigations;  
  • develop or expand inclusive teaching practices, including examining the roles that cutting-edge technologies can play in enhancing inclusive teaching and learning. 

For more information about the 2019-20 seminar, contact Linda Adler-Kassner, Professor of Writing Studies and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, at

How to Become Involved in ONDAS Student Center Activities

We welcome faculty to participate in ONDAS programming in various ways:

  • Participate in our Faculty Mentoring Program: Table Talk, dinners for a small group of students
  • Lead a Professor After Hours chat (formerly Fireside Chat) to engage in conversation with students about your path in academia
  • Be a speaker in our quarterly professional development workshops
  • Hold weekly office hours in the Center 
  • Lead a Mid-Term or Final Study Jam in the Center

For more information, contact Malaphone Phommasa, ONDAS Student Center Director at

FirstGen Faculty Initiative

Learn more about First-Gen Faculty at UCSB:

Learn more about the UC Systemwide First-Gen Faculty initiative: